Trina: female rappers give her 'credit' for breaking hip-hop barriers

Rap star Trina says some of the top female rappers, including Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, have credited her for breaking barriers in hip-hop. She also touches on the new VH1 special “Family Reunion: ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Edition.” (Feb. 8)

Video Transcript

- Trina, you got your reunion event worked out yet? What are we doing?

TRINA: I think we should do something fun tonight for the ladies.

- Ooh.

TRINA: Sexy? Girls party. Girls night out. Girls only, so I'll see you guys tonight.

The family reunion edition was a little different. It was most family-- you know, everybody that was related-- that kind of setting. We were all in the bubble, so we filmed in Arizona, where we could not, like, leave the compound-- like, the resort. We all was there. We could not leave. We had to get COVID tested so many times.

And it was just a different, free kind of vibe. I-- it was my first time meeting a lot of the cast members. So you know, it was just, like-- just getting to know everybody. But it was very warm. It was very welcoming. It was no awkward moments. It was just kind of love. You know, I didn't expect that. I didn't really know what to expect when I got there. But I was happy that that was the energy that was displayed.

- [INAUDIBLE] let's see the dress, Cardi! Let's see the dress!

TRINA: Mostly the girls in hip hop, I'm going to honestly say, have given me credit, have honestly-- have shared some type of small story or small thing that I've done that has inspired them, or has done something to enlighten them, or something that they have said, oh, boy. I remember this, x, y, z. So I would-- I have to give them credit for that, you know? From the biggest to the smallest, from the new girls to the ones that are, like, major.

So I'm one of those that can say-- I can say girls give me credit, because I hear it all the time. You know, I hear it in songs. I hear it in interviews. I see it when I [INAUDIBLE]. I'm one of them that's been, you know, like that all the time. And that's because I always give love. So you know, if it-- if I'm not getting love, then I really don't even notice it, because I'm too busy focusing on the love that I am getting. So if I'm not, I don't even really-- you know, it don't matter.