TripActions buys high-end British travel agency

Ina Fried
·1 min read

TripActions, which allows workers to book their own business travel through a mobile app, is buying high-end British travel agency Reed & Mackay.

Between the lines: Although TripActions will still funnel the vast majority of trips through the self-service app, the acquisition gives it an added option for picky C-suite execs or companies whose employees have complex trips, such as professional sports teams.

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TripActions didn't disclose the purchase price, but did note it recently raised $155 million in funding. TripActions is keeping Reed & Mackay's 400 employees, which will boost TripActions' work force by roughly 50%.

The big picture: The move comes after a huge pandemic-related pause in business travel, though things will likely pick back up as more workers get vaccinated and return to the office.

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