Trisha Yearwood Shares How Husband Garth Brooks ‘Challenges Her in the Studio’ (Exclusive)

ET's Rachel Smith spoke with Trishia Yearwood at her home about the new 'Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection,' out now.

Video Transcript

- Thank you so much for welcoming us to your home. The home for your cooking show, right?

TRISHA YEARWOOD: That's right, yeah. This is where we film the show, and this is where I lived, until I married Garth, and thought I should probably move in with him.

- Right? Although some people might-- you know.

- Yeah, well, I mean, I do still have the house just in case.

- Smart woman.

- In the shallow.

- What's the best part of working with your partner in life?

- The day we met, we were booked to sing on a duet. We sang together, and it felt like we had been singing together forever. Garth is such the Energizer bunny, and he brings so much energy to everything he does. He challenges me in the studio to go beyond what, I think, I can do.

- They don't realize--

- We definitely want to do another record.

- Yes, I mean, the two of you are just so in sync. It's insane, and I feel like this year would be a great year to put it out.

- We got to get in the studio then. Don't we?

- Well, yes, times ticking.

- I'll get home and ask him about that.

- All right, I love it. Only on ET, right? We are making things happen.

Garth played nurse, while Trisha battled COVID in February. Three months later, her sense of taste and smell still hasn't returned, which means Garth's on tasting duty, while she cooks.

- Especially for spicing, you know? For salt and pepper, it's like, I know what I'm doing. So I know how much is supposed to go in, so I have to just call upon him to tell me, hey, does this taste right? He's always happy to do that.

- Does anything about him, now, 15 years into your marriage, are you surprised anymore by him?

- You know, I really thought for a long time, nobody's this nice, like the other shoe's got to drop, you know? And I'm not saying he's perfect, but he's pretty dang close.

- Thank you for keeping it real during this pandemic as well, you know? The filter-less, make up-less, hair not done selfies, you're just like us, Trish.

- We all have the same anxieties. We all have the same good days and bad days. Let's own this together.

- Trisha has not let the pandemic slow her down. Her cookbook drops in the fall. Filming for Trisha's Southern Kitchen resume soon in this house, and out now, the Trisha Yearwood pet collection.

The pet line came about, because you are so passionate about your rescues. How do you feel like your rescues have changed your life?

- I've always been, even a little girl, the girl who brought the dog home, or can I keep it? I've always been that girl. Animals are calming. They love us unconditionally. They make you laugh. For me, I can't imagine my life without them.