Trooper goes viral for gifting boy new Stephen Curry sneakers

A Delaware trooper is going viral for gifting a 9-year-old boy with new Steph Curry sneakers.

Video Transcript

- Well, a great story here tonight. A Delaware State trooper has formed a special bond with a young boy in Wilmington. It comes after the duo teamed up for a viral video on the basketball court. Well, now their story is about so much more than just a game.

Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson explains.

RA'KIR ALLEN: This is for the kill.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: This Instagram video of the dynamic duo out of Wilmington went viral with more than 15,000 views.


Oh, that's Curry.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: ON the court, Delaware State trooper Joshua Morris. The other MVP, his commentator cameraman and number one fan, nine-year-old Ra'kir Allen.


JOSHUA MORRIS: His charisma, his character, his natural, organic joyness about him. I just loved him.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Trooper Morris described being drawn to Ra'kir's spirit instantaneously, after being challenged to a few games on the court by other kids in Wilmington a few days ago.

JOSHUA MORRIS: That's Curry.

On him and the things he was saying, I said, "I have to follow up. I have to meet this young man." And what a better way to buy him some Curry sneakers, since he was calling all my shots Steph Curry.

You is the man!

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Fourth-grader Ra'kir, who goes by "Rocky," is still beaming from the big surprise-- The latest Curry sneaks.



ASHLEY JOHNSON: We caught him in action, sporting his new Golden State Warriors kicks. And while his actual favorite player's James Harden but he likes Curry, his hero is Trooper Joshua Morris.

RA'KIR ALLEN: He's nice, he's kind, and he like playing basketball with me.

ELVERIA GRIFFIN: I thought it was so beautiful to see the reaction on my son's face. "Oh, my god, mom! He was like Curry!

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Trooper Morris got his master's in education, so he's naturally drawn to children. He says give a Ra'kir the sneakers represents so much more.

JOSHUA MORRIS: When he laces up those sneakers, he has somebody that believes in him.

RA'KIR ALLEN: They're cool and they're made with love.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: A common bond share through basketball, but both schooling each other on life lessons.

In Wilmington, Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.