Troopers: 16-year-old girl faces DWI charges after driving pickup truck into Burke Co. home

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A 16-year-old girl is facing DWI charges after police said she slammed a pickup truck into a Burke County home Friday morning.

No one was hurt, but the wreck left behind thousands of dollars in damages to a home along Old NC Highway 10, south of Icard.

The homeowner said the crash sounded like a bomb went off when the truck slammed into the home. The truck took out the porch and damaged the foundation.

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“If you had been on the front porch, it would have smashed me and my daughter. It would have collapsed both of us. We would have died because it was a bad impact,” said homeowner Holly Kiziah.

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty could see pieces of the truck still in the yard Friday morning. The North Carolina Highway Patrol said a 16-year old girl was behind the wheel when she went off the road and hit the house.

The teen has been charged with DWI and possession of an open container. Troopers estimate the damages to the home at nearly $8,000.

Troopers told Faherty that the crash happened less than a mile from a middle school. At the same time next week, buses will be on the road. Authorities also said the Booze It And Lose It campaign kicks off statewide this weekend -- ahead of Labor Day weekend -- in an effort to get drunk drivers off the road.

Homeowner Josh Kiziah hopes others see this and won’t drive drunk.

“That was my first thought, was my kids, are my kids OK? The house can be repaired, but I can’t replace my wife and my kids,” he said.

North Carolina Wildlife is also getting involved, looking for anyone under the influence while operating a boat.

The homeowners said the 16-year-old girl apologized to them after the crash. Troopers are still working to learn where she got the alcohol.

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