Troopers Shoot, Kill Domestic Abuse Suspect After Fayette County Standoff

A man was shot and killed after he allegedly came out with a gun raised at state troopers during an hours-long standoff in the area of Indian Creek Valley Road in Fayette County Tuesday; KDKA's Ross Guidotti reports.

Video Transcript

- More breaking news now. A police standoff that had gone on all day has now ended with police shooting and killing the suspect. Ross Guidotti has been at the scene in Fayette County for hours. Ross, bring us up to date.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Yeah, according to state police the individual they had been trying to talk to all day trying to get him to come out of the house did just that. However he had a gun according to state police. He pointed it at troopers. Those troopers then opened fire, killing the suspect. This all began at about 10:30 when troopers received a call from a woman stating a male had assaulted her. When troopers arrived on scene they were able to rescue the woman but not before an individual allegedly shot at them from behind a closed door while they were inside the home.

Now since then state police established a perimeter off Pine Slope Road. This is in [? Millcroft ?] in Fayette County. Trying to get this incident to end peacefully, but according to state troopers at about 3:30 this afternoon the suspect exited the home with a gun and there was very little troopers could do.

ROBERT BROADWATER: It's not the outcome we wanted. We weren't we weren't hoping for this at all. We was hoping for a peaceful resolution with this. But given the facts that we already knew, that he already assaulted a person, he already fired once at troopers, and we had several hours of trying to negotiate with him to surrender peacefully.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Now the name of the suspect has yet to be released. The woman who was allegedly assaulted this morning we understand is going to be OK. And as is common procedure, an investigation into this incident is underway by the state police. In [? Millcroft ?] Fayette County, Ross Guidotti. KDKA News.