Tropical disturbances continue to stir over central Atlantic

Alex Sosnowski

In addition to Humberto and the feature in the Gulf of Mexico, there are a few other tropical disturbances that bear watching over the central Atlantic for possible impact later in the week.

There are three disturbances being monitored over the central Atlantic this weekend. These are located between 1,000 and 1,500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles as of early Monday morning.

This image, taken during the midday hours on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, shows much of the tropical Atlantic Basin. Africa can be seen on the far right with South America to the bottom center and the southeastern United States in the upper left. (Image/NOAA)

Dry air was surrounding most of these features, which were drifting toward an area of increasing wind shear.

Both dry air and wind shear tend to inhibit tropical development.

"Of the three features, the one that is farthest away, or closest to Africa, may have a more conducive environment for development," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller.

"Essentially, the two systems in front may break up some of the wind shear and create a more moist environment," Miller said.

This particular feature is a long way off from approaching the Lesser Antilles. It may not be until the end of the week before it reaches Leeward Island waters.

Prior to the approach of this feature, a couple of rounds of showers and thunderstorms from the front-running disturbance can survive and roll westward across the Lesser Antilles in general.

The exact track of the third disturbance in the string may be determined by its organization and strength.

A poorly-organized system or tropical depression is more likely to take a more westward track, while a stronger system like a tropical storm or hurricane may be more prone to curve north of the islands before approaching.

AccuWeather meteorologists will continue to monitor these areas, as well as the rest of the Atlantic Basin and tropical waters.

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