Tropical Storm Claudette Leaves Front Yard of Louisiana Home Underwater

Over 10 inches of rainfall was recorded in parts of southeastern Louisiana from the morning of June 18 to 19, according to the National Weather Service, as Tropical Storm Claudette hit the region.

Footage captured by Linda Pittman, a resident of Slidell, shows the front yard of her home submerged in floodwater.

Speaking to Storyful, Pittman said, "Last night the water was over my bottom step on the front porch. We stayed up until 3 am trying to keep the water out of the house and it started backing up in the shower and in the powder room.

“I shot this video around 7 am and the water had already receded that much,” Pittman added. “I was amazed and blessed at the same time that more water didn’t get in.” Credit: Linda Pittman via Storyful