Tropical Storm Rose forms hours after Tropical Storm Peter

Tropical Storm Rose forms hours after Tropical Storm Peter
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ORLANDO, Fla. — Sunday was a day for tropical storm formation as the 2021 hurricane season saw its 16th and 17th named systems with Tropical Storm Peter and Tropical Storm Rose both swirling in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Peter formed in the Atlantic early Sunday morning with Rose following suit by Sunday evening.

As of 5 p.m. EDT, the National Hurricane Center said Tropical Storm Rose was located about 370 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands moving north-northwest at 16 mph with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Tropical-storm-force winds extend out 35 miles, but the system is projected to head northwest into the open ocean with no threat to land.

Closer to the U.S., but also expected to turn north in the Atlantic is Tropical Storm Peter.

As of 5 p.m., the NHC puts it about 350 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands moving west-northwest at 17 mph with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend out 125 miles.

“A turn to the northwest is expected to occur by Wednesday. On the forecast track, the center of Peter is expected to pass well north of the Leeward Islands on Monday and Tuesday,” forecasters said.

Its long-term forecast could see Peter headed toward Bermuda.

Odette, which had formed Friday evening off the mid-Atlantic coast, became a post-tropical cyclone south of Nova Scotia on Saturday and is still forecast to bring strong winds and heavy rains to portions of Newfoundland. The remnants of Odette, a gale force non-tropical low pressure system located a few hundred miles south of Newfoundland, could acquire some subtropical or tropical characteristics by the middle of this week as it moves east and then south over warmer waters in the Atlantic. The NHC gives it a 30% chance of re-formation in the next five days.

Also, a tropical wave is forecast to emerge off the west coast of Africa that could gradually develop as it moves west at about 10 mph. The NHC gives it 40% chance to form into a tropical system in the next five days.

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