Tropical system odds remain low for season’s 2nd named storm, hurricane center says

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The chance for 2022 to see its second named tropical storm remains low this week as a system moves over Central America.

The National Hurricane Center gives a trough of low pressure located near over Honduras only a 10% chance of forming in the next two to five days, according to its 2 p.m. EDT Thursday tropical outlook.

The system is mostly a disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms, but could develop further after moving back over water, NHC forecasters said.

“Some slight development is possible tonight through Friday while the disturbance moves westward over the Gulf of Honduras,” according to the outlook. “Subsequent development is unlikely once the system moves inland over northern Central America and southeastern Mexico Friday night. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall is possible over Honduras, Belize and southeastern Mexico through the weekend.”

Odds for the system diminished since Wednesday, which had previously had long-term formation chances up to 40%. It was first identified Sunday evening, and was eyed with potential to become the Atlantic hurricane season’s second tracked system.

Tropical Storm Alex formed earlier this month from the remnants of a Pacific hurricane. While it had yet to be officially named by the NHC, it dropped nearly a foot of water over parts of Florida.

The second named system of the season would become Tropical Storm Bonnie.