Trostyanets Mayor's Office 'Covered in Rubbish' After Russian Withdrawal

The office of the mayor of Trostyanets in Ukraine’s Sumy Oblast was left scattered in leftover food packets and trash after Russians withdrew from the region.

Video posted by Maria Avdeeva on April 7 shows Russian food parcels, wine and plastic bottles and other trash left on the desks of the mayor’s office. Windows are smashed and a burnt-out vehicle can be seen outside the building.

“Russians troops were staying in this building and also in the mayor’s office. Living and eating here,” Avdeeva said.

Trostyanets was reclaimed late in March, after residents endured weeks of hunger, and much of the town was reduced to rubble.

“This was the base of the Russian troop’s commander. I see bottles of wine and cognac on the table. The whole place was messed up by Russian troops. Garbage is everywhere,” Avdeeva says in the video. Credit: Maria Avdeeva via Storyful

Video Transcript

- This is the cabinet of the mayor of Trostyanets. Trostyanets was occupied by Russian troops for almost a month since 24th of February till the 26th of March. So Russian troops were staying right in this building and this also in this mayor's office, and living here, eating here.

And here was in this exact cabinet was the base of the Russian troops commander. I see bottles of wine and cognac on the table. And there is the Russian food supply, packages. And some windows are broken.

Outside, the siren goes again. Those are the cars that were burned out during the fighting. The whole place is totally messed up by Russian troops.

Everywhere is garbage and leftovers of what they were eating. This is the box of probably some ammunition. The same here.

They will actually-- when and after themselves all sorts of garbage in the places where they will leave. Good to see Ukrainian flags now in Trostyanets or over on the streets.