2 killed in truck crash that shut down part of LIE for 8 hours

Two people are dead following a serious crash that shut down part the Long Island Expressway for more than eight hours Monday.

Video Transcript

- Unfortunately, we have a very serious accident in New Hyde Park on Long Island. We're going to check in now with News Copter 7. Good morning, John.

- And good morning, Heather. These are our first live pictures from News Copter 7. Definitely a commuter alert this morning, especially if you do that reverse commute from Queens out into Nassau County. These are live pictures of the Long Island Expressway, and you can see this delivery truck in a very serious accident.

The bridge overpass, it tells you exactly where we are. We are eastbound Long Island Expressway at Shelter Rock Road. It looks like this truck just went out of control and slammed into that bridge abutment over on the right shoulder.

Now as a result, there is a police investigation here. There are serious injuries. We don't have any more information on that quite yet. But the eastbound LIE, all lanes are shut at this hour at New Hyde Park Road. So that's just over the county line into Nassau. Heather?