Truckers question the economy despite decrease in gas prices

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Gas prices are coming down, and that is good news for our wallets.

But does that mean the economy is on the rebound?

As FOX13 found out, truckers who keep our stores stocked and the country on the move say not so fast.

All of the truckers we talked to tell us that until the cost of diesel drops dramatically, we’re all going to pay more at places like the grocery store.

Trucker Darius Smith of Jackson, Mississippi, tells us as long as the cost of diesel stays above five dollars a gallon prices consumers continue to pay will stay

”Man, it’s ridiculous right now. I don’t know how long freight is going to be able to move like this. It’s going to have to go down or something or the freight will have to go up,” Smith said.

Truckers Travis Blackmon of Horn Lake says the cost of diesel needs to be cut in half for anyone to see any benefit in price changes.

”Extremely too high. We need to get it down some so it will be better for the economy,” Blackmon said.

The national average for diesel is $5.06 a gallon, according to triple-A.

That’s down from a record high of nearly $5.82 back in June, but still $1.76 more than one year ago.

Driver Mack Dancy of Tupelo says the cost of diesel doesn’t need to be cut in half for consumers to benefit, but it still needs to come down a good deal.

”It needs to be down around three dollars and fifty cents. It’s just too high right now,” Dancy said.

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