Trudeau joins human chain in support of Iranian women

STORY: The protesters stood as part of a worldwide human chain standing in solidarity with activists inside Iran, which has been gripped by protests since Amini's death, posing one of the boldest challenges to the clerical leadership since the 1979 revolution.

"We cry not only for Mahsa Amini and all she represented as a potential and as a future, we cry for every young woman, mother and grandmother who has stepped forward to stand with Mahsa and been cut down by this regime." said Trudeau. "We stand as Canadians. We stand as citizens of the world to say, 'Enough is enough. This has to stop.'"

The prime minister's comments come as the head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards warned protesters that Saturday would be their last day of taking to the streets, in the clearest sign that security forces may intensify their already fierce crackdown on widespread unrest.