Trudeau orders probe into alleged election meddling

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STORY: Canada’s Justin Trudeau ordered investigations into alleged interference by China in his country’s recent elections.

In a Monday press briefing Trudeau said he would appoint an impartial expert.

“We will appoint an eminent Canadian to the position of independent special rapporteur who will have a wide mandate to make expert recommendations on protecting and enhancing Canadians faith in our democracy.”

“The independent special rapporteur will make public recommendations, which could include a formal inquiry or some other independent review process.”

He also urged parliament’s national security panel to launch a separate probe into foreign election meddling.

Trudeau has been under fire from critics for his handling of the controversy Canadian media ran stories alleging covert Chinese schemes of meddling in the 2019 and 2021 elections.

In one report, the Globe and Mail said Chinese diplomats worked to defeat Trudeau’s rivals, the Conservatives, in the 2021 polls because they were considered “more hostile to Beijing”.

Trudeau and Canada's top security officials have acknowledged interference attempts by China.

But they insist that outcomes of both elections were not altered.

A recent poll showed a majority of Canadians wanted their leader to respond more forcefully to the controversy.

China denies all allegations of interference, saying it has no interest in meddling with Canada's internal affairs.