True Salt Company Expands Chainwide into Smart & Final

All Natural, Clean Sea Salt Products Now Available in Multiple West Coast States and more

PHOENIX, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- True Salt, the Phoenix-headquartered company that is dedicated to bringing to market a cleaner, tastier, and better sea salt, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Smart & Final locations chainwide. With more than 300 locations across the West Coast including California, Oregon, and Washington as well as Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Montana, the Smart & Final stores will make the True Salt line of products much more accessible to shoppers who are seeking products that help them eat and live healthier.

True Salt Line of Products

"The fact that major operations with hundreds of locations like Smart & Final are looking to replace mainstream brands such as Morton's is both humbling for us and a testament to the fact that we are providing a solution to a desire that consumers have for a tastier, cleaner and better salt," says Brian Pierce, co-founder of True Salt. "We feel our products — with no chemicals, bleaches or processing agents —  are beginning to resonate with more and more consumers who seek out products that are better for themselves and their families. And we could not be happier to bring our clean, all natural products to the Smart & Final shoppers."

Smart & Final Stores, Inc. operates more than 300 grocery and foodservice stores under the "Smart & Final," "Smart & Final Extra!" and "Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores" throughout the country. The smaller, faster grocery warehouse store, one of the longest continuously operating food retailers in the United States, operates under two banners: Smart & Final and Smart & Final Extra! Each store combines a selection of quality products at the value of a warehouse store.

Since its inception, the True Salt founders have been working to develop and market a clean salt that offers better results and better flavor for the hospitality sector, the retail market and the direct consumer. From its beginnings with just three salt grains — coarse, fine and kosher — True Salt has since expanded its line of products to include a finishing flake salt and a cocktail salt for beverages and beyond. For more, visit

ABOUT TRUE SALT: True Salt, founded by serial entrepreneurs Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan, is dedicated to producing a better, cleaner salt. With its natural, environmentally impact free harvesting process, True Salt is the all-natural, way to get the nutrients and flavor from salt without chemicals or additives. The founders' mission is to deliver a clean, all-natural, and better sea salt that elevates taste buds as well as mind, body and soul. For more:

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