Trump absolutely bombed in CNN's debate watch-party for undecided voters

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CNN's Gary Tuchman watched Thursday's final debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with 11 uncommitted voters in Davidson, North Carolina. Among these voters, it was not a good night for Trump.

Trump did have one high moment among the undecided voters. His plea for reopening the economy and Biden's case that the coronavirus is hitting the United States, not red states or blue states, "were the highest-rated comments by each candidate, according to our panel here of undecided voters," Tuchman told Wolf Blitzer. "The second-biggest moment" was Biden's closing remarks on what he would say to people who didn't vote for him. The lowest moment? Trump's claim to be "the least racist person in this room."

"Yeah, it wasn't a positive reaction, Wolf, as you saw," Tuchman said. "At the very least, it was a bit presumptuous to say something like that."

When he took a head count, zero of the people said Trump won, nine said Biden was the winner, and two called it a draw. And worse for Trump, seven of them said they are now ready to cast their ballots for Biden, versus none for him.

The four still-undecided voters mostly said they want to see if any more information emerges about either candidate before Nov. 3, but one voter had a very specific event in mind involving the Supreme Court and Trump's nominee for the open seat. "Well, I'm pro-life, so I'd like to see, you know, whether Judge [Amy Coney] Barrett gets on the court," he said. If she does, "I'll probably vote for Biden," because "I think that he is a stronger leader who is more willing to support fair elections and lead both parties more back toward the center and away from extremism." But if she doesn't get on the court, he'll probably choose Trump. Tuchman thanked him for being interesting.

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