Trump approval rating plummets in every 2020 battleground state, including Republican strongholds

Clark Mindock

Donald Trump’s approval rating has sunk in every 2020 battleground state, showing major vulnerabilities for the incumbent president a little over a year from election day.

That’saccording toMorning Consult’s tracking poll, which found Mr Trump’s approval slipping in 17 of the states that are expected to be competitive next year.

His approval rating remains above water in just two of those states — with a two per cent net positive rating in Georgia, and a 6 per cent net positive rating in Texas.

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The new poll shows that, in key states that Mr Trump won in 2016 to break down the so-called Democratic “firewall”, his fortunes may have turned. Those include Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where Mr Trump beat Hillary Clinton with a combined 130,000 votes.

But the concerning polling expands far beyond those states, and into territory that has generally been considered safe for Republicans — and states Mr Trump won.

In Ohio, where Mr Trump began his time as president with 14 per cent net approval, he has slipped to negative 6 per cent. In Iowa, where his approval was 9 per cent, that figure has dropped to negative 11 per cent.

In Arizona, his approval has dropped from 19 per cent approval, down to negative 7 per cent. In Florida, where he once enjoyed 22 per cent approval, he has dropped to negative 1 per cent. In North Carolina, where he enjoyed 17 per cent approval, that rating has dropped to negative 1 per cent.

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The polls come as both Republicans and Democrats gear up for the 2020 elections, and as both sides suggest they believe they can pull together a coalition of these states for a victory next year.

The Trump campaign has maintained that they believe they can win in the states Mr Trump won in 2016, and expand on the showing.

Democrats, meanwhile, have said they do not think Mr Trump can pull off a repeat of that election, and will lose much of the support he had then.