Trump asks 'DO YOU MISS ME YET' in a statement about Afghanistan, via a proxy on Twitter

Trump asks 'DO YOU MISS ME YET' in a statement about Afghanistan, via a proxy on Twitter
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Former President Donald Trump. AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
  • Liz Harrington, Trump's spokeswoman, tweeted out a statement from the former president regarding the Afghan crisis.

  • "DO YOU MISS ME YET?" the President asked - many answered 'no.'

  • Twitter rules state that representing a banned person is a violation.

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Former President Donald Trump's latest press release ended with the question: "DO YOU MISS ME YET?"

The statement, issued to address the current crisis in Afghanistan, reads, "Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world-DO YOU MISS ME YET?"

Liz Harrington, Trump's official spokeswoman, tweeted out the statement - and it eceived a resounding chorus of "no."

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"I miss you like I miss having a cold sore." one user wrote.

In addition, several questioned why Harrington could be Trump's mouthpiece on social media when he is banned from Twitter.

Twitter rules state that, should a person be permanently banned from the site, an alternative account that "represents your identity, persona, brand or business persona for a different purpose" either operated by you or someone else is a direct violation of rules.

In a decision continued by President Biden, Trump began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in February 2020.

The deal struck between Trump and the Taliban did not include the Afghan Government.

Ryan Crocker, the former US ambassador to Afghanistan, blames Trump and his exclusion of the Afghan Government for this resurged conflict.

"We bear a major responsibility for this," Crocker told CNN. "It began under President Trump when he authorized negotiations between the US and the Taliban without the Afghan government in the room. That was a key Taliban demand, and we acceded to it, and it was a huge demoralizing factor for the Afghan government and its security focus." Insider's Bill Bostock has the full story.

Whilst the situation in Afghanistan is worsening significantly, endangering thousands of lives of the people, Biden is continuing to withdraw troops, telling a press conference, "Afghan leaders have to come together. We lost thousands-lost to death and injury-thousands of American personnel. They've got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation."

A British MP, Rory Stewart, has said that the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is the "fault" of the USA and the UK.

"We're going to end up with terrorists but above all, we're going to end up with people in real misery," Stewart told Sky News.

The US has had a military presence in Afghanistan since 2001. More than 100,000 Afghan civilians being injured or killed by forces in the last 20 years.

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