Trump And Biden Supporters Protest Outside Of Pennsylvania Convention Center

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

JESSICA KARTALIJA: More now from outside of the Convention Center where protests have been growing throughout the day. This is a live look now from Chopper 3. The protests are affecting traffic in the area around the Convention Center.

So for the very latest, let's head out to Alecia Reid. She has been there all day talking with both sides about the vote count. Alecia, what is it like right now?

ALECIA REID: Good evening, Jess. It's been an all day event here at the Convention Center, at times getting very heated. Right now it feels like two separate parties with Trump supporters on one side. And barricaded the other side of the street, we can now see Biden supporters also partying.


Barricades barely kept opposing sides away from each other.

- You guys are so brainwashed, you don't even understand.

- (CROWD CHANTING) Count every vote.

ALECIA REID: A lot of history and fact-checking while slinging insults at each other was a common thread.


- --of the free nation make the whole country safe.

ALECIA REID: Tensions have been brewing with officers watching closely. A huge police presence on Arch Street helped keep protesters in check.


- (SINGING) Ain't no stoppin us now.

ALECIA REID: Biden supporters made their position clear-- count every vote.

GREG KRAJEWSKI: In a true democracy, the solution isn't to stop counting. It's to figure out what you need to do to keep counting, right? We should never be in a society where we're-- our instincts is to not count someone's vote.

JULIE KRUG: It didn't have to come this at all. It's because he is spoiling everybody's confidence in our democracy.

- Boo!


ALECIA REID: Trump supporters, although outnumbered, stood firm in backing their candidate, as they look forward to four more years under the current administration.

ROSA CERIADO: In less than four years, he did more than Biden did in all his decades in office. And Trump is not a racist. He's a good man. He really wants to help America.

He loves us all, not just us, but them also, OK? He wants everybody to be united and prosper.

ALECIA REID: At this hour, the crowd outside continues to grow. Now keep in mind, if you do plan on traveling to this area, a number of streets in the surrounding area have been closed off. So prepare for detours. Reporting live just outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Alecia Reid, "CBS 3 Eyewitness News." Back to you in the studio.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: OK, Alecia, thank you.