Trump is booed when he announces his tacky sneakers and we can't stop LAUGHING

Former president Donald Trump at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia
Former president Donald Trump at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia
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If you were assuming Donald Trump would become more stately and understated as he tries to maneuver his way back into the White House, you'd be wrong.

The former president and likely Republican presidential nominee has hawked gold chocolate bars, gold coins emblazoned with his face, and even bizarre NFTs that depict Trump as a superhero, but now he's moved onto sneakers.

This past weekend at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia, Trump unveiled his newest venture: patriotic high-top tennis shoes, reported the New York Times.

And, of course, they're tacky as hell. The sneakers are shiny gold, much like the gaudy decor inside Trump Tower, and have an American flag wrapped around the ankle.

On the off chance you haven't already been drained of every ounce of hope for the trajectory of this country, we hate to tell you, but the shoes cost $399 and are already sold out.

We know the man has bills to pay — the shoes were announced just one day after a New York judge ordered him to pay over $355 million as part of a civil fraud case — but with only 1,000 limited-edition sneakers available, it's hard to think Trump will be making bank off of this venture, especially considering he likely just licensed his name to the company producing them.

"No one gives this man any credit. He is the first 'billionaire' to sell sneakers where 100% of the proceeds go to a rape victim," someone joked on X (formerly Twitter), referencing the $83.3 million in damages Trump was ordered to pay E. Jean Carroll.

The sneakerheads at the convention were also not bowled over by the Trump-themed shoes and booed the former resident of the White House when he announced the launch at the convention.

45Footwear LLC is selling the Trump sneakers that, according to the website, are not officially "designed, manufactured, distributed or sold by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization or any of their respective affiliates or principals." Alongside the ugly gold kicks, the company is also selling two other Trump-themed shoes, a cologne, perfume, and even a gold dog tag *cough* stolen valor *cough* with a picture of Trump as a buff superhero *eyeroll* on the front.

While the MAGA crowd clearly went ham buying the ugly sneakers — some believe they even have resale value — skeptics online were quick to make fun of the ridiculous shoes.

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