Trump calls critical race theory ‘flagrant racism’ at Phoenix rally

Donald Trump speaking at an event in Arizona on Saturday (Newsmax/Twitter/@dannydeurbina)
Donald Trump speaking at an event in Arizona on Saturday (Newsmax/Twitter/@dannydeurbina)
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Donald Trump has once again hit out at critical race theory and called the field of study a form of “flagrant racism” that was being forced into “every facet of our society” by Democrats.

Speaking at an event in Arizona on Saturday, the former US president said critical race theory was a form of “Marxism” that left “America last”, and hit out at Democrats for allowing the allegedly “toxic” study to be introduced in schools and the American military.

“We shouldn’t be apologising to the world,” said Mr Trump of the theory, which considers how issues of race and inequality are built into society. “We’re apologising for America”.

Turning on Barack Obama “for apologising” as the first Black US president, Mr Trump condemned Joe Biden for rescinding his order blocking critical race theory from being taught in schools and in federal government, including the military.

“Earlier this year, Biden signed an executive order pushing toxic, critical race theory into our children’s schools and into our military,” Mr Trump told the crowd.

“How about our military? This poisonous left-wing doctrine is flagrant racism, plain and simple, and it has no place in our schools, no place in our military and no place in our country.”

“If you remember, I ended it very rapidly with a very powerful executive order, but that executive order was immediately repealed and terminated by the radical left,” he added.

Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was also targeted by Mr Trump for defending the anti-racism theory and calling out Republicans for challenging it.

“Can you believe it?,” Mr Trump said at the event he event held by Turning Point Action and Fox News on Saturday.

“He said he wanted to quote, ‘understand white rage.’ He wants to understand white rage. What the hell is he talking about that for? Our generals should not be focused on learning left-wing ideology.”

He added during the event that Democrats were “determined to ruin everything in America” with “woke-ism”.

It follows the former president last year calling anti-racism protesters “thugs”, and more recently defending his own supporters for storming Congress in January in an attack that killed five people. Rioters also wanted to overturn the outcome of the US election in his favour.

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