Trump celebrates Tucker Carlson video ahead of Georgia surrender

Former President Trump touted an interview with pundit Tucker Carlson posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, as the first Republican primary debate was airing Wednesday night on Fox News.

“231,000,000 Views, and still counting. The Biggest Video on Social Media, EVER, more than double the Super Bowl,” Trump wrote Thursday afternoon about the video, citing an inflated number that only represents the number of times the video appeared in an X user’s feed.

“Views” on X do not factor in how many users clicked on or interacted with a video, or for how long a user watched the content. The video interview between Carlson and Trump lasted just more than 45 minutes.

“But please excuse me, I have to start getting ready to head down to Atlanta, Georgia, where Murder and other Violent Crimes have reached levels never seen before, to get ARRESTED by a Radical Left, Lowlife District Attorney, Fani Willis, for A PERFECT PHONE CALL, and having the audacity to challenge a RIGGED & STOLEN ELECTION. THE EVIDENCE IS IRREFUTABLE! ARREST TIME: 7:30 P.M.,” Trump added in his Truth Social post.

Trump lashes out at Fox News, Barr, Christie in Tucker Carlson interview

Trump will be booked at the Fulton County, Ga., jail Thursday evening after being indicted last week along with more than a dozen of his attorneys and allies in connection with efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election result.

Trump is expected to have a mug shot taken.

“I think the people of our country don’t get enough credit for how smart they are,” Trump said during the interview, with Carlson calling the now four criminal indictments he faces “bullshit.”

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The former president opted to skip Wednesday night’s debate and instead sit for the wide-ranging interview with Carlson, citing his large lead in most GOP primary polls.

Trump, the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination, has said he does not plan to attend any primary debates and has cited a “hostile” relationship with Fox as another reason for skipping Wednesday’s event.

Since being fired by Fox in April, Carlson has launched a new version of his former prime-time show on X and has conducted several interviews with leading pop culture and political figures.

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