Trump at CPAC: 'I've been indicted more than Alphonse Capone'

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Speaking to crowds at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md., former President Donald Trump promised "revenge" for the numerous legal troubles he has faced since leaving office. "I stand before you today not only as your past and hopefully future president, but as a proud political dissident," he said.

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: Big election going on today. You probably have read a little bit about it.


And I'm supposed to be in a slightly different location, not too far away, but nevertheless, it's different. And I said, no, I'm sorry. I have to be at CPAC today.

I stand before you today not only as your past and hopefully future president, but as a proud political dissident. I am a dissident. Remember this, I've been indicted more than Alphonse Capone, Mr. President. Do you know who that is? Even the president just said, I do, Scarface, Al Capone.

And by the way, I have to say because I have such respect for this audience and CPAC, I would have never spoken-- and I never did, about him because of my respect for the Office of the President. I have great respect for that office. But once I got indicted the first time-- remember that? I got indicted. And I got impeached twice. We won that. And we'll win all of this stuff. But once I got indicted, I said, well, now the gloves have to come off.

At the ballot box this November, it's you and the people you have to be. And we'll deliver a reckoning like they haven't even imagined before. We're going to straighten out our country. We're going to bring our country back. For hard working Americans, November 5th will be our new liberation day. But for the liars and cheaters and fraudsters and sensors and imposters who have commandeered our government, it will be their judgment-- day their judgment day.

Your victory will be our ultimate vindication. Your liberty will be our ultimate reward. And the unprecedented success of the United States of America will be my ultimate and absolute revenge. That's what I want. Success will be our revenge.