Trump decries 'fake polls,' mocks CA mask wearing

President Donald Trump continued to rail against so called "fake polls" Wednesday, insisting he'll "end up winning" the election despite nationwide and battleground state surveys suggesting he's trailing rival Joe Biden. (Oct. 28)

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: This morning I get a fake poll. So we're one up in a real poll, or even, or whatever. But we'll end up winning it. But I get a poll, ABC Washington Post. They're fakes. Trump, 17 down in Wisconsin. 17.


Thank you. Thank you. And they tried it last time, four years ago, too. And that didn't work out too well. It's just unbelievable how dishonest the media is. I say it because there they are, just very dishonest people.

With Sleepy Joe, there'd be no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving. They're already talking about no Thanksgiving. And in California, you have a special mask. You can not, under any circumstances, take it off. You have to eat through the mask. It's a-- right? Right Charlie? It's-- it's a very complex mechanism.

And they don't realize those germs, they go through it like nothing. They look at you with that contraption and they say, that's it easy one. I'm going right through with the food.

Now how about California, though, where you are supposed to eat with the mask. Can't take it off. You see people-- and boy, you know, when you have spaghetti and meat sauce that mask is not looking-- you walk out, it looks like you got into a fight with Dana White. Where is Dana?