Trump defense team creates video mashup of Democrats saying the word ‘fight’

During former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, defense lawyers presented a video, running some 9 and a half minutes, of Democrats uttering the word “fight.”

Video Transcript

CHARLES SCHUMER: But we Democrats are fighting as hard as we can. Democrats are fighting as hard as we can.

Credit it in any way, but we're fighting back.

- What we've got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box.

CORY BOOKER: Fighting and pushing, around the clock fighting. Continue to be brave and be strong. And keep fighting. We're getting people engaged in the fight. We're fighting. We've got to keep fighting and keep focused. Continue to fight.

- Fight. This is going to be a fight.

- We'll also fight him and challenge him in every way that we can in the Congress, in the courts, and in the streets.

KAMALA HARRIS: To continue fighting-- we each have an important role to play in fighting. In this fight, like so many before it, it has been a fight. The American people are going to have to fight. And about the importance of fighting-- I will always fight. Fighting-- but we always must fight. Joe Biden has a deep, deep seated commitment to fight-- and to fight-- and about the importance of fighting--

We always must fight. To fight-- to fight-- and to fight-- as our willingness to fight-- continue the fight-- as Joe Biden says, to fight-- it's about fighting-- what we're fighting for-- we will tell them about what we did. To fight--

It's really about a fight. But truly, I do believe that we're in a fight. I believe that we are in a fight. I believe we are in a fight. I believe we are in a fight.

So there's a fight in front of us, a fight for all of these things. And so we're prepared to fight for that. We know how to fight. Our ongoing fight-- a fight-- we know how to fight. We like a good fight. We were born out of a fight.

This is what is our fight right now.

- There's the fight. There's the fight. There's the fight. And then there's the fight to defend.

- Back in the fight--

NANCY PELOSI: Our mission is to fight. That is the guiding purpose of House Democrats, fighting. She has never forgotten who he is fighting for. Marched and fought--

And we just have to fight-- but this is a fight for our country.

CHARLES SCHUMER: Fighting the health crisis of COVID.

JOE BIDEN: I led the fight. And continue to fight-- never, never, never give up this fight. I am a citizen fighting for it. It means not only fighting-- a leader who fought for progressive change-- as a lawyer who fought for people his whole life-- as well as other fights he's in-- in I'm proud that to have Tim in this fight with me. And above all, it's time for America to get back up and once again fight.

- We will fight when we must fight.

- What kind of America are we fighting for? We've been fighting. And we need to fight. But we also need to fight. Fight for an America--

- I am going to wake up every day and fight hard. I have been fighting. We're going to fight. We are going to fight. We're going to fight. We're going to fight. And I will fight.