Trump demands election results be ‘overturned’ and claims GOP poll watchers ‘treated like a dog’

Harriet Alexander
<p>Donald Trump, pictured on Tuesday, called in to a hearing on Wednesday in Pennsylvania</p> (AP)

Donald Trump, pictured on Tuesday, called in to a hearing on Wednesday in Pennsylvania


Donald Trump has urged that the election results be overthrown, saying that it was stolen from him and that the verdict should be discarded.

The president phoned into a hearing organised by Republicans in Gettysburg, where Rudy Giuliani listed a litany of allegations of electoral fraud.

“They have to overturn the results,” said Mr Trump.

“It would be easy for me to say let’s wait four years. But they cheated.

“These are bad people, they are horrible people, and they are people who don’t love our country.”

He said that judges were prejudiced against him, and the judiciary was conspiring against him.

“We have to turn the election over,” he said.

“All we need is some judge to listen to it properly without some political opinion.”

Mr Trump reeled off a long list of grievances, claiming that Republican poll watchers were kept away from the vote counting and people turned up to vote to find they had already voted.

He said he had heard “absolute horror stories” of electoral fraud, and said they had overwhelming evidence – despite his team having been unable to prove fraud when before a judge on 14 November.

“We have poll watcher affidavits piled up to the ceiling, in all of the swing states,” said Mr Trump.

“The poll watchers weren’t allowed to watch. They were swept into pens and using binoculars.

“If you were a Republican poll watcher you were treated like a dog.”

The president said that the election was “rigged”, and accused federal judges of being scared to rule in his favour.

“The whole world is watching us,” he said. “The whole world is watching the United States of America and we cannot let them get away with it.

“We have judges afraid to make a statement.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits – why wouldn’t they overturn an election? Certainly overturn it in their state.”

And he heaped praise on his lawyer.

“I'd like to thank Rudy Giuliani for having the courage to do this,” he said.

“I said to him, you were a great mayor, but this is more important. This is going to be your crowning achievement because you are saving our country.”

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