Trump’s Doctor of Only Two Years Says His Overall Health Is ‘Excellent,’ And Critics Aren’t Buying It: ‘Whatever He Told This Doctor to Say’

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A doctor for former president Donald Trump said he has “excellent” health; however, critics are skeptical.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump shared a letter penned by his New Jersey-based physician of two years, Bruce Aronwald. The doctor said he has conducted multiple exams on Trump, including in mid-September.

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President Donald Trump. (Photo: Screenshot/Fox News/YouTube)

“I am pleased to report that President Trump’s overall health is excellent. His physical exams were well within normal range and his cognitive exams were exceptional,” Aronwald wrote. “In addition, his most recent extensive laboratory analysis remains well within normal limits and was even more favorable than prior testing in some of the most significant parameters, most likely secondary to weight reduction.”

It continued, “Cardiovascular studies are all normal and cancer screening tests are all negative. President Trump has reduced his weight through an improved diet and continued daily physical activity, while maintaining a rigorous schedule.”

The letter was notably shared on Monday, Nov. 20, President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday. It comes as people are increasingly concerned about Biden’s age as the 2024 election approaches. However, Trump is 77, meaning the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination is not much younger than this opponent.

Trump’s latest dig at Biden has some critics raising their eyebrows, labeling it “propaganda,” according to a video posted by Mediaite.

“I mean, no coincidence, Joe Biden’s birthday,” panelist S.E Cupp said during a discussion on CNN’s “Newsnight.” “To be clear, he released no medical records, OK? That was propaganda. He released propaganda. We have seen no lab results. We’ve seen nothing other than whatever he told this doctor to say.”

Jonathan Reiner, MD, a George Washington University professor, shared similar sentiments, asking why data was not included in the letter.

“Who are the specialists that evaluated Trump?” Reiner asked on X, formerly known as Twitter. “What did they find? What tests were performed? Why multiple cognitive exams? BP? Weight? Chol? Meds?”

“Trump will be 78 at the election & this vague declaration is reminiscent of the note from Harold Bornstein (later attributed to Trump himself) that said he would be the healthiest person ever elected president,” Reiner added, referring to when Trump’s former doctor admitted that the former president “dictated” a similar health letter in 2015.

“The public deserves to know the facts. This is not sufficient.”