Trump downplays surging 'cases' in Wisconsin

With a little over two weeks until the U.S. election, Trump reiterated a claim that the reason for a high number of cases was because "we have the greatest testing in the world".

"Now if we did half the testing we would have half the cases. If we cut that in half we would have another half cut," he said.

The United States set a single-day record of more than 84,000 new COVID-19 cases on Friday (October 23), according to a Reuters tally, with the spike in infections hitting election swing states including Wisconsin.

Trump also criticized his election rival Joe Biden for talking about a "dark winter", saying that he is an "optimist".

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: Thank you very much. Wow, what a-- look at that. Look where that goes. Ah, thank you very much. And hello, Wisconsin.

Cases have jumped, cases. Because we do-- now, if we did half the testing, we'd have half the cases. If we cut that in half, we'd have another half cut. We have the greatest testing in the world. The bad news is the fake news uses it as a means. They talk about that mortality down, mortality rate down 85%. Because what we've done is incredible. What our doctors have done is incredible, is incredible.


If I don't win this state, I'm going to come back, and I'm going to be very angry at you. Epic job growth, groundbreaking therapies, a safe vaccine that quickly ends the pandemic. By the way, with or without it. And we have it. Great companies.

But we're rounding the turn. It drives them crazy when I say it. We're rounding the turn. Cases, cases, always cases. They don't use the other words. I don't want to use the other words. I don't even want to talk about the other words. Because I thought sleepy Joe was very dark when he talked about a dark winter, a dark winter.

Now, how dark was that? How terrible was that? They say, you sound too optimistic. They're always saying I sound-- that's right. That's right, because I love this country. We're optimists. And you know what?


You know what? And I said it the other night at the debate. I don't want to put myself in a basement in the White House, or, frankly, in a beautiful bedroom in the White House upstairs and lock myself in for a year and a half. Because we have work to do. We can't do that. We don't have that luxury. We can't put ourselves in a basement and say, no. We have to get out. We're running a great country. Our country next year will be greater than ever before.