Trump endorses tweet calling him a ‘monstrous, domineering behemoth’ who would inspire fear in extra-terrestrial adversaries

Jon Sharman

Donald Trump has endorsed a tweet describing him as a “monstrous, domineering behemoth” capable of striking fear into the hearts, or, presumably, similarly vital organs, of potential alien adversaries.

The US president retweeted a post by Fox News presenter Greg Gutfeld which contrasted his bombastic style with that of “meek” Democrats, who the broadcaster said appeared to be an entirely different species.

Mr Trump held a rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday night at the same time his political opponents were duelling on stage in the most recent debate among Democratic presidential candidates.

While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were arguing about sexism and Joe Biden was apologising for supporting the Iraq war, their Republican foe was telling a Milwaukee crowd that “you gotta love Trump”. Mr Trump won Wisconsin by the narrowest of margins in the 2016 presidential election.

Talking up his achievements, the president told the rally that “America is the envy of the entire world” – before pivoting swiftly into a complaint about his impending impeachment trial.

Shortly afterward and in typically robust style, the president touted his administration’s slaying of both ”the animal known as al-Baghdadi” – the Isis leader – and “the world’s number-one terrorist” Qassem Soleimani.

Mr Gutfeld tweeted: “if you were a space alien, bouncing between the debate and the trump rally, you’d think these are two different species -- meek, dull creatures, and a monstrous, domineering behemoth. you’d know who to fear, and deal accordingly.”

Mr Trump also retweeted a post by conservative commentator Michael Knowles, who wrote: “If the election were held in the 24 hours after this #DemocraticDebate, Trump would win every single state, including Greenland.”

Earlier in the week Mr Gutfield had told viewers of The Five that “Trump makes all these candidates look like runner-ups at The Bachelor, right? They seem so much smaller”.

He added: “These candidates are suffering from Trump oxygen depletion effect, which happened in 2016, Trump walks into the room, sucks out all the oxygen.”

Mr Trump’s rally was briefly interrupted by a protester, drawing a chorus of boos and “USA!” chants from the president’s supporters.

On Tuesday, however, the president was in a better mood than on a previous occasion when he complained that a security guard did not treat a female protester roughly enough. This time he merely admonished his supporters for giving the woman attention and cracked a joke.

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