Trump and family watched FBI Mar-a-Lago search on security cameras from New York, his attorney reveals

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Donald Trump attorney Christina Bobb said the former president and his family watched the FBI search in his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on security cameras from New York.

Ms Bobb said the president and his family “probably had a better view than I did because they had the CCTV they were able to watch. I was stuck in a parking lot.”

“They were actually able to see the whole thing... They actually have a better idea of what took place inside,” she said on Real America’s Voice.

The host questioned her about reports that said the FBI had turned off all the cameras. “You are telling me they didn’t,” the anchor told Ms Bobb.

“They did. So initially they said that... need to turn off all cameras and of course, the staff complied... oh the FBI is making us turn off the cameras and then lawyers said that you don’t actually don’t have to turn them off. So shortly after they turned them back on,” she responded.

The cameras were only off for a very short period of time, Ms Bobb added.

Attorney general Merrick Garland said on Thursday that he had “personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant” for Mr Trump’s Florida home.

In response, Mr Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social that he won’t contest the move by the Justice Department to make public the warrant to raid his Mar-a-Lago home.

Mr Trump’s attorney also said Mr Merrick did not have “solid ground” for backing the FBI’s search and said claims that the FBI was searching for “classified nuclear documents” are aimed at using fear to “terrify the American public.”

Ms Bobb also told Fox News after the attorney general’s presser that “this is what the Democrats do”.

“They don’t have any good reason for doing what they did. The pathetic presser that Merrick Garland held for three minutes was insufficient, so they had to create fear,” she said.

“Normally, they should come out with exactly what happened, and why, and explain themselves and if it was a good reason, they would have solid ground. They are not on solid ground.”