Trump and his family watched the FBI search Mar-a-Lago via the property's security feed, says the former president's lawyer

Trump and his family watched the FBI search Mar-a-Lago via the property's security feed, says the former president's lawyer
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  • Trump's lawyer said the former president watched the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid from New York.

  • Christina Bobb said the property's security cameras transmitted a live feed from the Florida home.

  • Bobb complained earlier this week about not being able to observe the FBI's search.

Former President Donald Trump's attorney said Trump watched from New York as the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida on Monday.

Christina Bobb, one of Trump's lawyers, made this comment during a Thursday appearance on the right-wing media network Real America's Voice. Bobb told host Gina Loudon that, contrary to rumors that the security cameras had been turned off, the property's security feeds were on for most of the FBI's search.

"I think the folks in New York — President Trump and his family — they probably had a better view than I did. Because they had the CCTV, they were able to watch," Bobb said.

She added that she had not witnessed the raid as she was busy answering investigators' questions, but said the Trump family had seen "the whole thing."

"So they actually have a better idea of what took place inside," Bobb said.

She added that the cameras were only turned off for a "very short period of time" while agents spoke with lawyers about them being on.

Bobb complained this week about not having been allowed to observe the search. She also claimed without substantiation that the FBI could be looking to "make stuff up" about what they found at Mar-a-Lago.

"We'll see what they come up with. If they did, it will be interesting — especially since they precluded me from watching what they did," Bobb said.

The FBI has not given a reason for why the search of Trump's former residence was carried out, though this may come to light soon if the DOJ's motion to unseal court records regarding the raid goes through.

Numerous media outlets along with Trump's son, Eric, have suggested that the search concerned material that Trump may have taken to Mar-a-Lago from the White House. The Washington Post also reported that the FBI had been searching for classified documents about nuclear weapons.

In February, the National Archives retrieved 15 boxes of documents from the former president's Florida residence. It also requested that the Department of Justice investigate whether Trump had broken the law by taking official White House documents to Mar-a-Lago.

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