Trump had no plan to distribute vaccines -Pelosi

"They didn't even have a plan," the Democratic leader said. "Just another in a series of their terrible, ineffective approach to it, from the start," Pelosi said.

The pandemic has killed more people in the United States than anywhere in the world, and left millions out of work due to lockdowns.

The virus cast a shadow over Biden's inauguration on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Crowds, which often reach into the hundreds of thousands for the swearing-in of a president, were kept away for fear of spreading infections.

Biden will sign a series of executive orders related to the pandemic later on Thursday, including requiring mask-wearing in airports and on certain public transportation, including many trains, airplanes and intercity buses, officials said.

The administration will also expand vaccine manufacturing and its power to purchase more vaccines by "fully leveraging contract authorities, including the Defense Production Act," according to the plan.

Video Transcript

NANCY PELOSI: Today, our nation marks the passing of 400,000 people. That was yesterday. 400,000 people died. But today marks one year since our first knowledge of this pandemic. And what did we learn this morning? We learned this morning that the Trump administration had no real plan for the production and distribution of the vaccine, just another in a series of their terrible, ineffective approach to it from the start and denial, delay, distortion, calling it a hoax.

And now we find that they didn't even have a plan. As we go forward though, we see immediately that Joe Biden, President Biden, has put forth a plan to crush the coronavirus. You know what that is. Yesterday he talked about it in his executive actions when he talked about wearing masks, distancing, science-based approaches.

Today he'll sign further orders. My understanding is to use the Defense Production Act to speed up PPE delivery, to expand testing, treatment, and public health workforce that we need, and launch a vaccination campaign, all of this to more safely open up schools and businesses and provide health equity.