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Trump and Hannity's friendship 'began to break down' when the Fox News host grew 'disgusted' with the 2020 election lies, according to a book

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Trump Hannity
President Donald Trump and the Fox News host Sean Hannity. Ethan Miller/Getty Images
  • The Fox News host Sean Hannity reportedly had a falling out with Trump last year.

  • Hannity was "disgusted" by Trump's election lies, a source told CNN's Brian Stelter.

  • New details about Trump's relationship with Fox are in an update of Stelter's book "Hoax."

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The Fox News opinion host Sean Hannity's relationship with President Donald Trump soured as Trump kept falsely claiming that the 2020 election had been stolen, an updated book says.

A newly released paperback copy of the CNN anchor and media reporter Brian Stelter's book "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth" includes details learned since its initial release in August.

Hannity, who has campaigned for Trump at rallies despite his job at a news organization, was advising Trump in frequent phone calls leading up to Election Day, Stelter said.

But when Trump began to peddle disinformation about the election and falsely say it had been stolen, the prime-time host reportedly came close to a breaking point.

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"The calls and counseling continued right up until Election Day-when the relationship between the two men began to break down. Hannity, according to one source, was 'disgusted' by some of Trump's election denialism," Stelter wrote.

Stelter said he had initially been skeptical of his source saying Hannity and Trump had a falling out, because "Hannity devoted so much time to the Big Lie throughout the month of November and well into December."

"At least [Tucker] Carlson was wise enough to focus on other Fox-friendly subjects," Stelter wrote. "Hannity kept inviting Kayleigh McEnany to hold up packets of paper and swear that the legal path to a second term was right around the corner, even though Trump's suits were laughed out of court left and right. McEnany and other Hannity guests filled the Fox audience with false hope night after night and never, ever delivered."

Of the more than 40 lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and allies challenging the results of the election, none succeeded.

"Sean knows the audience better than anyone," Stelter quoted a Fox coworker as saying.

While Hannity may have been irked by Trump's anti-democratic conspiracy theories privately, he "was never going to risk alienating the audience," Stelter wrote.

Fox News did not return Insider's request for comment and did not make Hannity available for an interview.

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