Trump impeachment lawyer Robert Ray: Trump switching legal teams post-indictment ‘fairly common’

Former President Donald will face federal criminal charges in his alleged mishandling of classified documents, his second round of criminal charges this year, shaking up the Republican 2024 presidential nomination race. Former counsel for Donald Trump during his first impeachment Robert Ray joins Andrea Mitchell, Chris Jansing and Katy Tur to discuss. Ray says Trump’s legal team shake up after a grand jury indicted him is not uncommon, “Once that happens, it is not unusual to switch legal teams to go with a trial team that's going to defend him actually in a proceeding. That is post indictment. So it is actually a natural breaking off point. I don't consider that to be unprecedented at all. It might be a little unusual, but it's a it's a fairly common occurrence that the team that gets you to the pre indictment stage if they are unsuccessful, a new group of lawyers because there's a really big charge.”