Trump lashes out at Fox News in rant claiming network ‘only getting worse’ after negative polls

Clark Mindock

Donald Trump has once again lashed out at Fox News, claiming that the conservative news network is not "what it used to be" after it issued a poll showing troubling signs for the president.

Mr Trump's took to Twitter to draw a contrast between polls from Fox and Rasmussen Reports. In a poll released on Friday, Rusmussen pegged Mr Trump's approval rating at 50 per cent, while a separate poll from Fox earlier in the month gave him a 43 per cent approval rating.

"Rasmussen at 50%," Mr Trump wrote in the tweet, celebrating the rating.

He continued, attacking the Fox News Sunday morning show "MediaBuzz", and saying it is "only getting worse!"

Mr Trump has repeatedly railed against the media for negative coverage of his presidency, but has tended to reserve slightly more favourable reviews for Fox News.

During his tweets on Sunday, he also attacked the network for hiring former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile as a contributor.

"So [Ms Brazile] gives Crooked Hillary the questions, and now she's on [Fox News]," he tweeted, in apparent reference to controversy surrounding alleged advance notice given to his 2016 opponent about the content of questions before an election debate.

Ms Brazile hit back, urging the president to instead focus on issues important to his presidency.

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"Mr President, you represent over 320 million ppl. Focus on your job!" she wrote. "Try to bring out the best in others and repent when you make mistakes. Seek forgiveness & strive for excellence."

Mr Trump has frequently cited Rasmussen's favourable polls of his presidency, alongside other surveys conducted by firms considered biased or flawed. He recently cited a poll considered to be one of the worst in the country.