Rachel Maddow Burns Trump Down After He Tweets Her Clip With Thanks

President Donald Trump tweeted a clip from “The Rachel Maddow Show” and thanked the TV host in a tweet on Friday.

In response, Rachel Maddow took the opportunity to slam the president for “leading the worst national response” against the coronavirus of “any industrialized nation in the world.”

Trump expressed gratitude to Maddow for an interview Thursday night with Gen. Todd Semonite, chief of the Army Corps of Engineers, that highlighted the work of armed services members to help communities deal with the devastation of COVID-19. Trump framed it as evidence of how “GREAT a job the Federal Government is doing!”

Maddow wasn’t having it.

“Hi, Mr. President,” Maddow, typically a scorching Trump critic, responded in a surprisingly friendly tone. “Thanks for tweeting that interview.”

Then her response started to take a turn: ”Gen. Semonite and the Army Corps are indeed doing great work, but at nowhere near the scale that is needed.” she added.

Maddow noted that the U.S. is “hundreds of thousands of hospital beds behind, months behind schedule, and we’re about to see the number of sick patients surge and hospitals overflow in multiple US sites at once.”

Then she got down to it, telling Trump flatly: “You personally are leading the worst national response of any industrialized nation in the world, in what is now the largest COVID-19 outbreak on earth.”

Maddow called the U.S. response a “catastrophe.” She then launched into a lengthy Twitter thread detailing critical problems and several suggestions to improve the Trump administration’s response, including: “Stop talking about yourself and hyping unproven treatments and demanding people compliment you and all the rest of the nonsense.”

She also suggested nationalizing supply chains for critical medical supplies, which “should have been done months ago.” In addition, Maddow urged: “Get people like VP Pence and your son-in-law out of the way and bring in actual, experienced pandemic response experts and scientists to lead the response and brief the nation.”

Her final conclusion to Trump? “You are failing to do any of it. Any of it ... Find experts who can do this for the country and please, sir, get out of the way.”

Check it out here:

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Her final conclusion for Trump? “You are failing to do any of it. Any of it,” she tweeted. “Find experts who can do this for the country and please, sir, get out of the way.”

No word from Trump — yet.

Maddow also asked: “By the way, did anyone show you the rest of the show from last night?”

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