Trump makes one last pitch to Michigan voters

President Trump on Sunday launched one final test of whether the large crowds at his rallies will translate into votes. He started out the day at a rally north of Detroit on a frigid morning and has nine more rallies to go before Tuesday. (Nov. 1)

Video Transcript

- We love Trump!

DONALD TRUMP: Thank you very much. I love you, too. If I didn't, I wouldn't be standing here, 'cause it's freezing out here. Think of this-- two days. Now we're down to two days, right? Two days from now, we are going to win the state of Michigan again.


It's really a contest to see whether or not we could all stand it, right? And we'll get through it. And we'll love it. We'll love it, and I'm loving it.

If Biden wins, China wins. When we win, America wins. In 2016, Michigan voted to fire this corrupt political establishment. And you elected an outsider as your president who is finally putting America first.

20 years ago, Venezuela was a strong country, was one of the richest countries. Today, they have no water. They have no food. They have no medicine. They have nothing.

This is the same ideology that you're seeing trying to come in. We can't let it happen. This country-- and I've said it many times-- will never be a socialist country. Two days from now, you have the power with your vote to save the American dream, to save our country from what could happen to it.