Trump meets with prominent anti-abortion group following criticism

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Former President Trump met with the prominent anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America on Monday after the group criticized Trump for his stance on abortion restrictions.

“During the meeting, President Trump reiterated his opposition to the extreme Democratic position of abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth, paid for by taxpayers — and even in some cases after the child is born,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. “President Trump believes such a position is unworthy of a great nation and believes the American people will rebel against such a radical position that aligns us with China and North Korea.”

Dannenfelser noted Trump participated in the meeting with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — who’s backing the former president’s 2024 bid — and evangelical leader Tony Perkins.

“President Trump knows the vast majority of Americans oppose brutal late-term abortions when the child can feel pain and suck their thumbs,” she added. “President Trump reiterated that any federal legislation protecting these children would need to include the exceptions for life of the mother and in cases of rape and incest.”

Dannenfelser’s remarks come several weeks after SBA Pro-Life America criticized Trump for his position on abortion restrictions. The group called the former president’s position “unacceptable” after his campaign released a statement to The Washington Post last month suggesting Trump supported the idea that abortion access should be decided at the state level.

“President Trump’s assertion that the Supreme Court returned the issue of abortion solely to the states is a completely inaccurate reading of the Dobbs decision and is a morally indefensible position for a self-proclaimed pro-life presidential candidate to hold,” Dannenfelser said at the time, emphasizing the group would only support candidates who supported a minimum of a 15-week abortion ban.

Lila Rose, the president of anti-abortion group Live Action, also criticized Trump for his position, saying in her statement that, “Donald Trump has DISQUALIFIED himself from the nomination of our nation’s pro-life political party by calling the human right to life merely a ‘state-level’ issue.”

What remains unclear from Dannenfelser’s statement, however, is whether Trump offered any promises of passing a federal abortion ban.

The discourse over abortion restrictions illustrates the pressure Republican presidential candidates are facing in outlining restrictions that appease a Republican primary electorate while also navigating a general electorate that includes Democrats and independents.

Other candidates have offered differing views on abortion restrictions. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R ) — a presumed White House contender who has not officially entered the race — signed a six-week abortion ban into law, and former Vice President Pence said last month “the American people would welcome a minimum national standard in Washington, D.C., 15 weeks.”

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