Trump tweets Game of Thrones-themed poster as Mueller report press conference ends

Tom Embury-Dennis

Donald Trump has tweeted a Game of Thrones-themed poster just moments after a press conference by the attorney general derided by critics as an attempt to protect the president ahead of Mueller report's release.

"No collusion, no obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats - GAME OVER," reads the message, which is written in font similar to that used on the popular HBO fantasy drama.

The poster, which features an image of Mr Trump turned away and surrounded by smoke, appears an attempt by the president to pre-empt the upcoming release of Robert Mueller's report on the Trump campaign's links to Russia, and whether the president obstructed justice.

William Barr, the attorney general, had just seconds earlier finished taking questions from reporters following a speech in which he repeatedly parroted Mr Trump's line that the special counsel probe had found "no collusion".

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