Trump news: Just 10% of Republicans in Congress acknowledge Biden win as president heads to Georgia

Tom Embury-Dennis and Danielle Zoellner
Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump (AP)
Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Donald Trump (AP)

Donald Trump's refusal to admit his defeat to Joe Biden in November’s presidential election has trickled down to Republicans in Congress, 90 per cent of whom have failed to publicly acknowledge the loss.

In a survey of all 249 Congressional Republicans by The Washington Post, just 25 recognised Mr Biden as the President-elect. The vast majority failed to respond to the newspaper, while two falsely claimed Mr Trump had won.

It comes as Mr Trump prepares to head to Georgia to deliver his first rally since his election defeat.

The president is due to appear alongside Republican senate candidates David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are in run-off elections against their Democratic opponents.

What the president will say during the rally remains unknown, but it comes after he tweeted against the governor and secretary of state, both of whom are Republicans, for Georgia. Mr Trump implored the pair to do a full audit of absentee ballot signatures, claiming this would prove his victory in the state.

Georgia already certified its election results, giving the win to President-elect Biden. But Mr Trump refuses to accept those results.

The goal of his evening rally tonight is to boost support for Mr Purdue and Ms Loeffler as they face off against Democratic challengers for their US Senate seats. Both races are important because they will determine which party has control of the US Senate come January.

But Mr Trump could make matters worse for the Republican Party if he chooses to attack the US election process instead of boosting enthusiasm among GOP voters at the upcoming rally.

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