President curses and rages at coronavirus coverage during crowded rally

US president Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Nevada on Sunday (AFP via Getty Images)

Donald Trump has slammed CNN for its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, calling the media organisation "dumb b******s when speaking to a campaign rally crowd in Arizona.

The president has been pushing multiple fights on Monday, including targeting Dr Anthony Fauci both in tweets and during a phone call with his campaign team. Mr Trump called the infectious disease expert a “disaster” and an “idiot” in the phone call before further attacking Dr Fauci in tweets.

In other news, Fox News turned down the Rudy Giuliani scoop about Hunter Biden and an unclaimed laptop due to credibility concerns, according to Mediate. The news organisation expressed concern about sourcing and independently verifying the story, but opinions news hosts on Fox News have still covered the scoop at length on their respective shows.

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