Trump news - live: Melania chief of staff resigns over riots amid reports senior White House staff will follow OLD

Chris Riotta,Chantal Da Silva,Justin Vallejo,Adam Withnall,Jon Sharman and Danielle Zoellner
Trump visto en video publicado en Twitter y Facebook el miércoles (Donald Trump)
Trump visto en video publicado en Twitter y Facebook el miércoles (Donald Trump)

Melania Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham has resigned following the riots that took place at the US Capitol. The former staffer announced on Wednesday evening she would be leaving her post, just about two weeks before Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Other staff members like Sarah Matthews, the White House deputy press secretary, announced resignations following the riots. Reports indicate that other senior members of the Trump administration are considering resigning within the next 24 hours – including Robert O'Brien, a national security adviser to Mr Trump.

Mr Trump has remained in the White House since he attended a rally earlier in the day where he encouraged attendees to march on the US Capitol, the location of where Congress was to certify the election results. After violence ensued, the president posted several tweets that were flagged by TwItter for inciting violence, including calling the rioters “great patriots”.

Twitter has since deleted multiple tweets and threatened to ban Mr Trump from its platform. The president will be unable to access his account for the next 12 hours and has to delete the offending tweets. If he fails to do so, he could be permanently banned.

All of this comes as the Senate reconvenes to certify the election results. Vice President Mike Pence reopened the certification process by condemning the rioters that breached the US Capitol. “To whose who wrecked havoc in our Capitol today: You did not win,” he said.