Trump news - live: White House 'faces serious consequences' over president's order that aides refuse to cooperate with investigations

Chris Baynes, Clark Mindock

Donald Trump has lost a lawsuit seeking to stop his accounting firm handing over financial records to a US House of Representatives committee.

US district judge Amit Mehta said it was "simply not fathomable that a constitution that grants congress the power to remove a president for reasons including criminal behaviour would deny congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct".

Accountants Mazars LLP have been ordered to comply with a House of Representatives Oversight Committee subpoena within seven days.

The ruling came as the US president hit the campaign trail for a rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, where he joked about serving five terms in the White House.

"Now we're going to have a second time," he told supporters. "Maybe if we really like it a lot and if things keep going like they're going, we'll go and we'll do what we have to do. We'll do a three and a four and a five."