Some Trump officials reportedly believe Iran 'intentionally missed' Americans

Brendan Morrow

Some in the Trump administration reportedly believe Iran "intentionally missed" Americans when it targeted two Iraqi bases with ballistic missiles.

After early reports indicated that Iran's attacks on two bases that housed U.S. troops resulted in no U.S. casualties, CNN reports there is a "growing belief among some administration officials that Iran's missiles intentionally missed areas populated by Americans," with officials considering that "Iran could have directed their missiles to hit areas that are populated by Americans — but specifically did not." There are, however, also "questions about Iran's targeting capabilities, which could have impacted the areas that were hit," the report says.

But one State Department official told CNN that Iran seemed to be sending the message that "we could have done it and we didn't do it." Similarly, a Pentagon official told CNN's Jake Tapper that many military leaders are of the belief that Iran was intentionally aiming for no loss of U.S. life, going for "minimum damage" but "maximum warning."

Trump in a tweet after the attack on Tuesday night said "all is well!" and that while an "assessment of casualties and damages" is "taking place now," "so far, so good!" He is set to make a statement on Wednesday morning. This idea of Iran intentionally missing American targets will be presented to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, CNN reports, who will brief Trump.

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