Trump is a Picky Eater Who Sleeps 3 Hours a Night and Hates Sloppy Dressers, His Ex-Butler Says

What is it like serving at Donald Trump's beck and call?

The billionaire’s former butler Tony Senecal has much to tell --- like when a young Mr. Trump and first wife Ivana, had four butlers waiting on them hand and foot.

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Senecal, who served Trump for almost 20 years, told IE: "After Mr. Trump and Ivana got a divorce, we were going over to his room one night and he said: 'Tony, do I need four butlers?' and I said: ‘As long as it's me Mr. Trump you only need one.’ He got rid of the other three.”

Senecal describes Trump as a man always on the move and rarely relaxes.

“I'm going into the room to clean it after he's gone and he's re-arranged the closet. And the clothes are all on the floor that he wants to get rid of,” he said.

The former butler said that Trump is always busy because he is “always thinking.”

“The man sleeps maybe three or four hours a night,” he added.

According to the butler, Trump is a man of many moods. There's the kind Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is one of the nicest, most generous men that I ever known in my life,” he admitted.

Then there's another Donald Trump who could lose his cool at any moment.

“He’ll go off. He'll scream at you. You stand in the corner just seething. He's already forgotten it,” he said.

Trump does have his pet peeves.

“People being late,” according to the butler is one of them. “He hates anyone to be late. He figures if he can get there on time, everybody can get there on time.”

He also says Trump doesn't tolerate sloppiness --- in others or himself.

“His suit had to be pristine. One time I took it down and they wetted it so the lapels were forward and he flipped out,” he said.

Senecal says his former boss is also a notorious picky eater. He likes his steaks and his burgers and he likes them well done.

“It was pretty much 'Tony, bring me a cheeseburger. And don't forget the ketchup,’ he recalled. “If it’s vegetables he doesn't want to see them. He's a red blooded meat eating American.”

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Senecal says he is fond of all of Trump's children. He was there as the three oldest, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric, grew up to be adults. He said they were “good kids.”

As for Tiffany, Donald's daughter by his second ex, Marla Maples, he called her “fantastic” and “beautiful.”

Barron Trump, who Donald had with current wife Melania, Senecal says the nine-year-old may be more like his father than any of his other children.

He recalled: “When Baron was two-and-a-half years old I took his breakfast into him. He was sitting in his highchair and he looks at me and he said: 'Tony! Sit down! We need to talk!’”

He said that moment blew his mind.

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