Trump posts his '60 Minutes' interview to Facebook two days after abruptly walking out of it

Jake Lahut
  • President Donald Trump posted his '60 Minutes' interview on his Facebook page late Thursday morning ahead of the show airing Sunday night on CBS.

  • Trump abruptly walked out of the interview earlier this week and did not return for a planned side-by-side portion with Vice President Mike Pence.

  • Throughout the interview, Trump cut off host Lesley Stahl and grew increasingly frustrated.

  • When Stahl told Trump he "used to have bigger rallies," the president became more cantankerous.

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President Donald Trump posted the uncut video of his '60 Minutes' interview on his Facebook page Thursday after abruptly walking out of the interview earlier this week.

Trump preempted the Sunday program on CBS after complaining about how he was treated by host Lesley Stahl, with multiple reports confirming he did not return to do a "walk and talk" with Vice President Mike Pence afterwards.

Pence later did his interview separately in a change of plans, according to CNN and The New York Times.

CBS released a statement shortly after Trump posted video of the interview, calling it an "unprecedented decision to disregard" the White House's agreement with the network.

Throughout the interview, Trump cut Stahl off and grew increasingly frustrated.

He gave vague answers when asked about health care and the new plan he has repeatedly touted as imminent, but still insisted to Stahl that he has a plan.

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Trump's demeanor became more cantankerous after Stahl went to the subject of his rallies.

"You used to have bigger rallies," Stahl said.

"No, these are much bigger than I ever had," Trump said. "You're so negative, you're so negative. These are the biggest rallies we've ever had. You just come in here with that negative attitude."

Both at the beginning of the interview and later on, Trump took issue with Stahl being up front with him about asking tough questions.

"You said this was gonna be tough questions, that's no way to talk, that's no way to talk," Trump said at one point.

Just before ending the interview, Trump complained that Stahl's previous interview with Democratic nominee Joe Biden was "a joke" and that she was unfair to him. CBS' Norah O'Donnell, not Stahl, conducted the '60 Minutes' interview with Biden airing Sunday.

A voice from off camera then came in to tell Trump and Stahl they had a five minute warning until the vice president would join.

"I think we have enough," Trump said.

After walking out of the interivew, the president tweeted about Stahl, posting a clip of her not wearing a mask in the White House on the day of the interview.

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