Trump Promised ‘Food For Everybody’ At Miami Restaurant And Then Reportedly Skipped

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After former President Donald Trump was arraigned on Tuesday in Miami, Florida, for allegedly refusing to turn over classified documents, he went to a Cuban restaurant in Little Havana to greet a crowd happy to see him.

The crowd was probably happier when Trump told them, “Food for everyone.”

Although most people would consider yelling “food for everyone” as a tacit promise that the person yelling those three words is taking care of the bill, there is a difference between promising to pay for something and actually doing that.

And, yes, Trump is notorious for stiffing people, which is why he’s reportedly had problems finding lawyers to defend him in all his current legal woes.

So forgive the Miami New Times for being skeptical that Trump lived up to the promise and indeed treated his cult followers to what it described as “a spread of croquetas, pastelitos, and cubanos chased with cafecitos.”

The publication reached out to what it described as a “knowledgeable source,” who assured the publication that Trump’s stop at the Cuban restaurant was only about 10 minutes tops, so there was no time for anyone to order anything, much less get the bill to Trump.

The New York Times reported that Trump didn’t get any food at the restaurant, preferring to eat McDonald’s on his plane.

HuffPost reached out to both the restaurant and the Trump campaign, but no one immediately responded.

But many Twitter users did.