Trump promises to end war in Ukraine in 24 hours

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Former US president and likely Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised his voters to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours of being elected to a second term.

Source: Trump during his first campaign rally in front of supporters in Texas

Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin began to withdraw troops to the borders of Ukraine after the "disaster" of his expulsion from the White House – that is, with his loss in the elections.

He accused President Joe Biden's administration of not even trying to negotiate with President Putin.

"It is no coincidence that the 'deep state' [a conspiracy term, according to which there is a coordinated secret group in the US that influences public policy – ed.) has haunted me even more since I promised to end the war in Ukraine," Trump said.

He said he could end the war "very quickly" once elected president.

"When I say yes, I will get a settlement very quickly… I will have a settlement within 24 hours. Standing before you today, I'm the only candidate to make that promise. I will stand in the way of the Third World War we are heading for," Trump said.

Trump also called the investigation against him a "witch hunt" and compared it to "the horrors of Stalin's Russia".

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