Trump rallies Latino supporters in Arizona

"My Latinos, I love the Latinos."

U.S. President Donald Trump doubled down on his efforts to win over Latino voters on Monday (September 14) -- at a roundtable-turned-rally event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Recent polls have shown Democratic opponent Joe Biden with a slight edge in Arizona, and Trump's efforts come as Biden travels to another key swing state, Florida, on Tuesday to shore up support from Latino voters there.

Hundreds gathered at the Phoenix event, sitting close together in the indoor venue despite public health concerns.

"This is supposed to be a roundtable but it looks like a rally. But it's supposed to be a roundtable."

Nationally, Latinos make up the largest minority voting group at more than 13% of eligible voters.

At the Phoenix event, Trump was praised by small-business owners and members of local law enforcement while seeking to turn the focus against Democratic support for anti-racism protests, claiming they threatened Latino businesses.

"But many Hispanic Americans came here to pursue the American dream. Right, we all want the America... I want the American dream. We all want the American dream. This isn't if you look at what they're asking for, it's like the American nightmare."

Biden's trip to Florida on Tuesday comes as polls show the race there to be tight, with Trump holding a 4-point lead over that state's Latino voters, including its large Cuban-American community.

Meanwhile Biden has seen his advantage with Latino voters shrink with the November election less than two months away.

The most recent national Reuters/Ipsos poll saw his lead over Trump among Latinos fall to 9 points last month, down from 30 points in July.